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Services for Children & Families

All visits are currently via telehealth

Your visit(s) with Dr. Levine are highly individualized, and will be based on your concerns and your child’s needs. 

For new patients, generally first an ‘adults only’ tele-visit will be scheduled so Dr. Levine can fully understand your concerns and your child’s background.  Sharing short video clips of your child at home  can be very helpful so Dr. Levine has some context as she hears your concerns.

From this initial visit we will plan how to work to best address your concerns. We can revisit this initial plan, adjusting and refining our work together to continue to address your concerns and support your child’s growth.

Dr. Levine provides ongoing weekly telehealth for the following purposes:

  • Treating fears, phobias and anxiety
  • Floortime coaching
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy integrating play, playfulness and humor to treat anxiety

Dr. Levine provides telehealth in several formats depending on child and family needs:

  • Directly with the child,
  • Directly with parent(s) incorporating parent made video clips,
  • With parent and child together, working collaboratively with parent

Communication with your child’s school team can be done when this is felt to be a helpful.