Services for Children & Families

Your visit(s) with Dr. Levine are individually tailored and will be based on your concerns and your child’s needs.  For new patients, generally first an ‘adults only’ visit will be scheduled so Dr. Levine can fully understand your concerns and your child’s background.  Bringing short video clips of your child at home to this session can be very helpful so Dr. Levine has some context as she hears your concerns.  Following this typically a play based session will be scheduled with you and your child participating.  Together we make sure your child is as happy and comfortable as possible throughout the visit.  Bringing favorite toys and snacks is very welcome!  Play or conversation will be oriented such that Dr. Levine can gather impressions or observations so as to be able to address your concerns.  Then another adults only feedback session will be scheduled where Dr. Levine will discuss her impressions and input with you and plan next steps. 

Observing your child at school and communication with your child’s school team can be arranged for situations when this is felt to be a helpful part of assessment or treatment. 

For families pursuing ongoing treatment with Dr. Levine, the focus and nature of treatment will be thoroughly discussed with Dr. Levine initially and as you proceed.