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Treating Fears and Phobias in Young Children: Gradual Exposure and Humor.  In this handout, along with my colleague Naomi Chedd, LMHC, I explain how I adapt components of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for young children with or without developmental challenges, by integrating playfulness and child-specific interactive humor into gradual exposure to the feared trigger.

Gradual exposure and humor, Levine and Chedd, July 2016


Downloadable articles: 

Autism Spectrum Quarterly Levine 3-article series on treating phobias in children with ASD.




Podcast, Webinar, Radio

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Link to Dr. Plimpton podcast Your Anxious Child 2016: Karen is interviewed by Dr.  Plimpton  about treating phobias in young children with developmental challenges

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Treating anxiety in children and teens with ASD


Link to 2013 Levine webinar on Treating Fears and Phobias in children with Williams Syndrome

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