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Live Online June 2, 2024


Karen interviewed on Barry Prizant’s Uniquely Human Podcast 2023

Karen interviewed on Clearly Clinical CE Podcasts on treating fears and phobias 2023

Karen interviewed on Daria Brown’s Affect Autism podcast on treating fears and phobias 2023

Karen interviewed on Anna Christie’s podcast, about treating Emetophobia (fear of vomiting) in children, June 2021:

Recent Workshops

ICDL International DIR-Floortime Conference Live Online October 21, 2023:  Beyond Therapy: The immeasurable importance of simply being with your child

New England Play Therapy Association HUMOR IN PLAY THERAPY March 8, 2024 with Cindy Puccio, Ph.D. and Naomi Chedd, LMHC

New England Play Therapy Association TREATING FEARS AND PHOBIAS IN YOUNG CHILDREN March 10, 2023

ICDL 2022 International DIR-Floortime Conference – Humor in DIR-Floortime Speakers: Dr. Cindy Puccio, Ph.D., MA., LCSW, DIR-Expert, Dr. Gil Tippy, PsyD, DIR-Expert, and Dr. Karen Levine, PhD, DIR-Expert

Downloadable Materials and Links

Affective Play Incorporating Fears (APIF) article in English and Spanish

Treating Fears and Phobias in Young Children: Gradual Exposure and Humor.  In this article in Kidsattuned, along with my colleague Naomi Chedd, LMHC, I explain in some detail, how I treat fears and phobias, integrating fun interactive play with Gradual Incorporation of feared objects or situations, for young neurodivergent or neurotypical children.

Downloadable article: 

Social Affective Diet Concept

Social Affective Diet article

Karen’s webinar and video on the WSA website, about treating fears and phobias in children with Williams Syndrome (scroll down below talk/slides for videoclip of treating child with fear of taking blood pressure)

Halloween fears SiriusXM DoctorRadio About Our Kids segment.  Karen is the guest. October 2017




Swedish Horses

Woodblock by Susan Levine

Karen’s mother