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Services for Children & Families

Currently all services are provided via telehealth.

Services include:

  • Short and long term play based therapy for young children
  • Parent ongoing consultation regarding Floortime
  • Parent ongoing consultation regarding anxiety and phobias
  • School Team consultation
  • Workshops for parents, teachers and clinicians

* Dr. Levine does not do Neuropsychological testing or IQ testing such as the WPPSI or WISC tests

Common  parent concerns of new patients coming to Dr. Levine include:

  • I’m looking for someone to guide us in Floortime.
  • My child talks at home but he doesn’t talk at school or out in public – can you help us to help him?
  • We’re not sure whether to pursue Floortime or ABA or some other therapy?
  • My preschooler is afraid of many things.  Can you help us help him with his fears?
  • My child has Selective Mutism.  Can you help my child’s school team?
  • We’re not looking for a diagnosis, but we want to understand better how to help our child’s social development, or anxiety.
  • We are a school program looking for consultation around supporting a young student with ASD or Selective Mutism or anxiety