Your Visit

Services for Children & Families

Services include:

  • Diagnostic assessment*
  • Treatment consultations to families
  • Short and long term treatment
  • School observations and
  • School consultation

* Dr. Levine does conduct diagnostic assessments but she does not do Neuropsychological testing or IQ testing such as the WPPSI or WISC tests

Common  parent concerns of new patients coming to Dr. Levine include:

  • Does my child meet the criteria for an Autism diagnosis?
  • My child talks at home but he doesn’t talk at school or out in public – can you help us to help him?
  • We’re not sure whether to pursue Floortime or ABA or some other therapy?
  • My preschooler is afraid of many things.  He doesn’t have a diagnosis but he has many challenges and is very anxious.  Can you help us help him with his fears?
  • My child has Selective Mutism.  Can you help my child’s school team?
  • I’m looking for someone to guide us in Floortime.
  • We’re not looking for a diagnosis, but we want to understand better how to help our child’s social development, or anxiety.
  • We are a school program looking for consultation around supporting a student with ASD or Selective Mutism or anxiety